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Harry performs onstage at Met Life Stadium on August 4, 2014 in New Jersey.

So close yet so far

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imageThis show received 42 emmy nominations.

And it really deserved that.

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Fun Facts about being a Harry Girl #6

me: ...Oh look! Jay's wedding pictures.
me: Liam looks so fancy!
me: Niall looks so cute!
me: God, Louis. Killing humanity with that outfit!
me: Where the hell is Zayn?
me: Who's that guy in the fedora hat?
me: Oh.
me: Ooooooh. Obviously.
me: Unbuttoned shirt, really, Harold?
me: I'm okay. I'm fine. I can take it.
me: Oh another Harry photo.
me: What's up with the gum chewing?
me: Oh, look, I can see the butterfly completely now.
me: Yeap, there goes my panties.
me: What's up with the scarf anyway?
me: He should take it off.
brain: He should take it all off.
me: No, brain, you are NOT going there again.
brain: He should wear only the scarf.
me: For God's sake, brain!
brain: ...
me: Thank you.
brain: ...
me: ...
brain: ...Remember that pool picture with his shorts almost showi...?


Fun Facts about being a Harry Girl #7

Randomly finds this:


Be like:


Hey love, if you only had 1 opportunity to meet harry, what would you say to be memorable

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"I spent my days dreaming about you, because in the face of a world where people hate by hobby, I’d like to escape to an imaginary world filled with kindness and love… filled with you"


i do have the best imaginary pick up lines tho

i am dead inside.


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Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you


Seeing that picture of Harry and the little girl made me happy. If you don’t know the story yet, our little harry went to visit a little girl name Campbell Hoyt. This young beautiful girl has been diagnosed with Ependymoma, which basically is a brain and spine cancer. She has been suffering for so long. But we can’t forget she is a human and she cant help what has happened to her. While I was scrolling vine comments, twitter comments and even instagram comments I saw people saying “ wow this girl is so lucky she finally met my idol, sadly ill never get to me him.” This was so sickening to me. Can I just say are you fucking serious, this girl is sick, she is dying and you say this about the photo! Do you have no couth? I can’t believe one would say that about a photo like that. Another one that caught my eye was “awe why don’t I get things like this.” That drew the line for me. Would you really rather be in that position of the sick girl dying for Christ sakes! Yes she met you so called “idol” but you know what she has suffered more then you and me combined. Those comments like that are so repulsive. And even if you think that for a second you should not! Look at the life you have, it may not be the best compared to certain people, but you are blessed, you have the gift of life man! You can do anything! Please oh please don’t compare your self to someone like that. Don’t say that you want that. Because trust me you don’t. but the other part that disturbed me was “ harry is doing it for publicity.” And her mom clearly stated that he did not “He was emphatic that he did not do this for publicity. He truly just wanted to meet Cam. I would not want anyone to get the wrong idea.” He wanted to truly meet her and make her happy. So please I know the fandom can do it if you see one of these comments or similar to it tell them to stop, stick up for Campbell and harry. Sorry that I vented to you guys but it just sickened me to see those comments.

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what do you think about paige reifler? :(

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They told me I’d be over this band by now

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~The Best Things~

Lil iMovie I made about my friendships nm 😋💕


Happy 4 years!!!